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Why should I back up my work online?

Imagine you have spent all weekend working on that assignment that has to be submitted by midday today and your Wi-Fi disconnects before you had a chance to save those last pages you have been frantically typing.


It is too late to think what you should have done, but it is not too late to be proactive NOW and create a secondary storage repository to save all your files and automatically backup your work.

Here is some useful guidance to ensure you do not lose work in the future and can always access your projects:

  • Type up your projects / assignments in Google docs. They automatically and immediately save, and you can access them from any source, rather than saving on your local laptop drive.

  • Set up Google files to be available offline in case you wish to work on them offline (while travelling on the train or plane, for example), then you can back up again once back on Wi-Fi.

  • If this is a project you are working on over a period of time, email yourself a copy regularly once you have completed a substantial contribution to it. This is another backup version you can use, should the worst happen and you lose the original file.

  • Buy an external hard drive. They are not expensive and backing up your files from your laptop is a safe security measure, in addition to iCloud storage.

Depending on your laptop to safely store all your assignments is probably naïve – follow the advice above to ensure you never lose a file again.


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