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From High School to Uni
Free Resources For 
University Students

Browse our free resources below to guide you on your way to university.

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Head over to our blogs for tips and real experiences of life on campus! 

There's a section for PARENTS there too.

Free resources for students

Budgeting Basics for Students Mini-Course

FromHighSchooltoUni has created a mini-training course online on Budgeting Basics for Students that will teach you how to get started with managing your finances at university. You'll learn how to:

  • Create a realistic budget that works for you

  • Keep track of your income and expenses

  • Save money and avoid debt

  • Find ways to earn extra money

Sounds good, right? But don't stop there!  Read our Student Budget blogs for more!

If you want to access our collection of over 30 templates, checklists, and guides to help make your university life easier, subscribe to Member Resources today

Free Budgeting

Our Most Popular Resources

Our Popular Resource

From High School to Uni is the one-stop destination for students for everything you need to know about university life. Whether you are looking for tips on how to find student accommodation on a budget, what not to forget to pack for university, how to manage your budget, or how to cook healthy meals, we have got you covered.


Some of our most downloaded resources include:

  • What to pack for university: a comprehensive university essential packing lists to make your student room feel like home

  • Planning Your Student Budget: a great interactive tool to help you create a budget, open a student bank account, and manage paying bills

  • Expert tips on moving in and moving out of student accommodation: learn how to best find student housing and how to deal with landlords and house mates

  • Key questions to ask when viewing student accommodation: find out what to look for and what to avoid when choosing affordable student housing

  • Laundry guide: learn how to wash your clothes at university

  • Recipe books: make easy, healthy and delicious recipes on a budget

  • Shopping and meal planning tools: we teach you how to food shop and prep meals in advance to save time and money.

For a low lifetime membership fee, From High School to Uni resources will help you plan ahead with confidence so you can enjoy your student life.

Enjoy our free resources for students and sign up for more today!

"How To" for Students

How to make your bed at Uni

How to make your bed at Uni

Moving in to Uni Apartment

Moving in to Uni Apartment

How to organize your clothes

How to organize your clothes

What to pack for Uni

What to pack for Uni

How to sew a button for beginners

How to sew a button for beginners

How to do Laundry

How to do Laundry

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Are you moving to Uni this year?


Do you have a packing list and know what to organize for your big move for uni?


From High School to Uni has cut out all your research time, organized in one place everything you need to do, when, and how.  Our tips are from experts who have been through it all and literally written a book on the subject!


Access all the uni essentials, exclusive tools and resources you need to help you pack, prepare and succeed at university and beyond.


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Member Resources For Students

As a member of FromHighSchooltoUni, you will gain access to over 30 expert-curated templates, checklists, and guides.
Our resources are designed to make your university experience smooth and stress-free,
covering essentials like packing lists, a student budget calculator, how to find student housing, moving in and out of accommodation and student life on campus.
Join us today and unlock all the tools and support you will need at university.

Student Food Ideas

If you are a student with little or no experience cooking for yourself, FromHighSchooltoUni can help you!

Whether you need a breakfast on-the-go, a quick lunch, a satisfying dinner, or a tasty snack, we have the recipes that will keep you fueled throughout your university life. 

With your subscription to Member Resources, you can download our student recipe books curated specifically for beginners in the kitchen. Packed with simple, quick, and healthy dishes, our recipes are perfect for students on a budget. 


But wait, there’s more!

We have linked below some amazing websites that offer easy recipes for you to try, even if you have no culinary skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new and exciting recipes that will make your university life easier and more enjoyable.

Student Food Ideas

 Download our student recipe books in Member Resources today
and get ready to cook up a storm!

Easy Meals recipe ebook for Uni Students

Easy Meals recipe ebook for
Uni Students

Easy Desserts recipe ebook for Uni Students

Easy Desserts recipe ebook for
Uni Students

Easy Smoothies on a Student Budget

Easy Smoothies on a
Student Budget

30 budget recipes for students

30 budget recipes for students

Easy meals for college students

Easy meals for college students

BBC Good Food for students

BBC Good Food for students

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