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Discover the Best Resources for Preparing for University

THE Student Guide and Essentials for ALL Students Starting University

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Our Award-Winning Student Guide

Our award-winning book "From High School to Uni" was written to provide you with step-by-step guidance and the essentials for students to transition stress-free to university. We provide tips, tools and advice on how to prepare for university, including:​

·        What to take - the ultimate university student packing lists!

·        Things to pack for university, student essentials starter packs, what to buy or have delivered to your campus

·        Moving to uni tips, and how to organize your departure

·        House sharing and advice on living with flat mates

·        How to find student accommodation

·        Tips on moving in and out of Uni Halls

·        How to create and manage your student budget. Check our Member Resources for a budget calculator!

·        Advice on bank accounts, paying bills, banking terminology, etc.

·        Shopping lists and how to prepare food

·        The best vitamins for college students

·        and much more!

Read the 5* reviews of  "From High School to Uni" below:

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"With our book and downloadable packing lists for university, you will have the essentials every student needs to make the transition to university as smooth as possible."

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Student Guide

Award-winning guide with step-by-step instructions and top tips to succeed in your new university journey. You'll learn how to plan your departure, manage your move, survive and thrive at university.

Mother and daughter using FromHighSchooltoUni checklists to help with packing for university

Member Resources

From High School to Uni's member resources offer university students unlimited access to packing checklists, planners, a budget calculator, tips on moving in and out, and much more.

Budget Management chapter from the book From High School to Uni
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5star Readers Favorite book review award

E-book - Kindle version

Amazon Kindle e-version of our award-winning book with direct links to download and read anywhere.



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Ultimate Student Bundle - Text
Ultimate Student Bundle with downloadable checklists and guides for students
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ALL the essential tools a University Student needs

  • Roadmap to guide you step-by-step on your journey preparing for university.

  • Want to know what to pack? Download our curated packing lists which contain exactly what you need for university - no more, no less.

  • Student Budget Planner with a calculator and manage your budget.

  • Student accommodation management tips - managing house visits, cleaning and tenancy management.

  • The most important documents to prepare before leaving for university.

  • Easy recipe books and meal planning tools especially for students.

  • Study guides and planners.

  • Guides to help you move in and out of accommodation.

  • Health and wellbeing tools to balance your mental health and studies.

Are you looking forward to starting or continuing your university adventure? College is a time of learning, growing and discovering. But it can also be daunting, stressful and overwhelming. That's why we're here to help you with everything you need to succeed at university.

Whether you're looking for tips on:

  • University packing list: The essential items you need to prepare for university, pack and move-in with ease

  • Freshers Flu: How to avoid or treat the most common health problems during Freshers Week

  • Student Budgeting: How to manage your money and save on expenses

  • Study Tips: How to ace your exams and assignments

  • Making friends at College: How to socialise and network with your peers

  • Student Accommodation: How to choose the best place to live and share on campus

  • Student Cooking: How to buy food and cook healthy meals

  • Student Health: How to stay fit and healthy at university

The expertise shared in our book will guide you through every aspect of your university journey, from preparing for your departure to managing independent life as an adult on campus or in private accommodation.

But that's not all! Download our curated packing lists, guides and other resources in Member Resources to help you settle in and enjoy your college life.

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