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Essential Training for Students before University

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At FromHighSchooltoUni, we are passionate about equipping students with the essential life skills to thrive independently after school.


Picture this: you, confidently stepping onto the university campus, armed with more than just textbooks and notebooks.

From mastering time management to learning the basics of budgeting to cultivating critical thinking and building resilience, our comprehensive masterclass is your ticket to success - whether that is in university, or if you are taking a gap year, starting an apprenticeship or diving headfirst into a professional or independent career.

Budgeting Basics for Students

FromHighSchooltoUni has created a mini-training course online on Budgeting Basics for Students that will teach you how to get started with managing your finances at university.


You'll learn how to:

  • Create a realistic budget that works for you

  • Keep track of your income and expenses

  • Save money and avoid debt

  • Find ways to earn extra money

Sounds good, right? But don't stop there!  Read our Student Budget blogs for more!

Student Laughing

What are the essential skills every student needs?

Many students struggle with juggling their responsibilities, leading them to feel overwhelmed, stressed and under-performing. We can change that!

Our mission is to provide students with practical strategies, skills and knowledge to cultivate their independence beyond high school with confidence and resilience.

Life Skills for Students Masterclass

Welcome to our Life Skills for Students Masterclass - the ultimate toolkit to unlock your full potential as you move confidently into adulthood!

In this transformative session, we teach students the life skills they need to manage themselves effectively. Students will learn the art of effective time management, organizational tips and financial literacy. But that's not all - we also help students discover how resilience equips you with the adaptability to thrive no matter what life throws your way.

So say goodbye to feeling unprepared, unaware and disorganized - and say hello to a future where you're confidently making informed decisions, thinking strategically and embracing your newfound independence with enthusiasm.


We can help you unlock your potential, embrace the exciting journey ahead and emerge as a confident, assertive and thoroughly prepared young adult, ready to conquer whatever life throws your way.

What is included in our Masterclass

Are you ready to learn the essential life skills every student needs to know after high school?

A stopwatch on a wrist

Time Management

Develop strategies for effective time management and personal organization.

Young hiker with mountains and fields in background practicing self-care


Discover strategies for healthy living, food shopping tips, nutrition and sleep.

Student holding a piggybank not knowing how to budget

Financial Literacy

Learn practical financial management strategies, including budgeting, shopping and priorities.

Bike and students on a University Campus

Getting Around

Gain essential knowledge on safe travel and navigation.

Life coach talking to a student


Cultivate resilience, the importance of adaptability, conflict resolution and living harmoniously with others. 

Stressed Woman concerned about her mental wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing

Prioritize mental health awareness and practices to support personal wellbeing.

Who should take our Life Skills Masterclass?

High School graduates:

Whether you're preparing for your first year at university or transitioning from the IB program, our masterclass is designed to equip you with the practical things you didn't learn at school!

Transfer Students:

Join us to maximize your university experience with tailored strategies and resources to ensure a seamless transition on your academic journey.

Ecolint-Graduation-image with two female students celebrating

International Students:

If you're planning to study abroad, our practical advice will help navigate the cultural and logistical challenges of adjusting to a foreign country with ease. 

Special Needs Students:

Our masterclass provides invaluable resources, strategies and tips for academic and social success to help you thrive and excel in your journey.

How can From High School to Uni help your school achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks?


Stable careers programme

Transition to University:

Our student guide provides students with practical advice, and can be made accessible all of your stakeholders, making it a valuable resource for your Gatsby evidence to show how you support transition.


Encounters with employers & employees



Learning from career & labour market information

Future Options & Guidance: Unbiased information from a parent's perspective enables you to provide high quality information that both students and parents will understand.


​Experiences of the workplace



Addressing the needs of each pupil

First-in-Family Students:

Our book is particularly helpful for FiF students  and families, providing them with advice and guidance to help them navigate moving to university with confidence.


Encounters with further & higher education

Higher Education Exploration: Our Uni Tour Guide helps students ask the right questions and help them understand and prepare for their transition.


Linking curriculum learning to careers

Financial Literacy:

Providing students with our budgeting basics course and budget planning tool helps prevent one of the leading causes of student dropout.


Personal guidance

Flexible and customisable:

Our Life Skills for Students masterclass can be delivered as a webinar or an in-person workshop to suit your needs.


Our book can be purchased in bulk for a discounted price to gift students at their graduation or when providing careers support at their meetings.

Let's discuss how we can help your school achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks

and empower your students to thrive!



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