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Recommended Amazon Products for Students 

​We know it's not easy being a student! 

You have to balance studies, budgeting, socialising, cooking, and just surviving!


Check out our shopping lists of Amazon must-haves and make sure you have all the essentials we recommend to make student life so much better. 

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A typical University Student Dorm

Student Dorm Essentials

Practical items to simplify and personalize student living

Study Workspace for students

Workspace Essentials

Study supplies and articles for

optimal productivity & organization 


Travel Essentials

Essential travel accessories to prepare you for university & home again 

Safety Essentials - a safety whistle

Safety Essentials

Items to ensure a student's personal safety on and off campus 

Kitchen Items every student needs

Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen tools and cookware

every student needs

Care Packages For Homesick Students

Care Packages For Homesick Students

Curated bundles of comfort to soothe the longing for home

Advent Calendar gifts for students

Advent Calendars

A festive twist on student life

Storage Essentials needed for every student room

Storage Essentials

Smart solutions and organizers to maximize space

Important Documents for students

Study Essentials

Stationery supplies and equipment

for effective learning

Student holding moving boxes to pack for university

Moving Essentials

Moving in and out of student accommodation essentials

Vitamins & Supplements for busy students

Vitamins & Supplements

Nutritional support for busy academic lives

Bathroom  items Checklist for university students

Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom essentials to simplify and enhance your daily routine

University graduates on graduation day

Graduation Gifts

Gifts to commemorate academic accomplishments 

Student Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Thoughtful gifts to support students

Wooden hangers - not the best idea for limited student accommodation

Wardrobe Organization Essentials

Solutions to keep clothing tidy and easily accessible in limited space 

Electronic Items

Electronic Essentials

Devices and cool accessories for

tech-savvy students 

Fitness Essentials

Fitness Essentials

Workout sports gear and accessories to stay active and healthy 

First Aid kit for students

First Aid Essentials

Essential medical supplies and resources every student needs 

Cleaning Products for students accommodation

Cleaning Essentials

Products and tools to maintain a

clean, tidy and hygienic living space 

Student Games to keep you busy in between lectures

Student Games

Game night essentials for students

Valentines Gifts For Students

Valentines Gifts

Caring gifts for students

Benefits of amazon prime student

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