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Download exclusive checklists, packing lists and expert tips tailored for students. Navigate the transition seamlessly with our toolkit for a smoother, more enjoyable experience.


From accommodation to budgeting, we've got you covered EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Make university life your best chapter yet!

The From High School to Uni members resources library includes:

Exactly What to Pack For Uni

Exactly What
to Pack For Un

Comprehensive checklists of the essentials and extras for every category of student life to make your student room feel like home - no more no less.

Student Budget Calculator

Student Budget Calculator

 An interactive budget planning tool to help you plan your income, expenses and manage your money wisely.

Expert Tips On Moving In And Out Of Student Accomodation

Moving In and
Out of Student Accommodation

 Expert tips on moving in and out of student accommodation: learn how to avoid common pitfalls and manage your relationship with your landlord and flat mates. 

Accommodation visits

Find Student Housing

Find out what to look for and what to avoid when choosing where to live.

Meal planners and recipe books for beginners

Meal planners and recipe books for beginners

Recipe books specially designed for students on a budget - easy to prepare, inexpensive to buy, and nutritious ingredients for a balanced meal plan. Also try our smoothie recipe book!

Study Guides

Study Guides

Learn to study smarter and faster with our easy-to-use templates and planners for your lessons and assessments.

A budgeting spreadsheet

The Benefits of Becoming A FromHighSchooltoUni Member

Are you worried about preparing your move to university ?


Do you want to know what to pack and prepare for college in a flash ? 

Our membership provides students with over 30 essential resources for students to instantly download.  Whether you are a Fresher or a second or third year student, we help you move to university, and show you how survive and thrive on campus.


As a FromHighSchooltoUni member, you will access all our essential packing lists, accommodation management checklists, student budget plan, and helpful guides specially curated by experts to make your university experience easier.

Member Resources

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Start your student journey with confidence!

From creating a budget, packing, moving in (and out!), cooking budget-friendly meals to studying efficiently and taking care of your mental health - we’ve got you covered.

Download our resources that will help you thrive at university!

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What does this include?

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ALL the essential tools and tips for University Students


  • Roadmap to guide you step-by-step on your journey

  • Want to know what to pack? We got you covered with our curated packing lists with precisely what you need.

  • Budget Planner to create & manage expenses

  • Student accommodation management tips

  • Important documents to prepare before leaving

  • Recipe books and meal planning tools

  • Study guides and planners

  • Tips & tools to move in & out of accommodation

  • Health and wellbeing tools

  • And more!

pre-uni Bundle.png
pre-uni Bundle Text.png


Essential Tools for University-Bound Students


  • Off to Uni quick start guide

  • Packing lists with everything you need (or don’t need!)

  • Budget calculator to determine your monthly expenses

  • Accommodation advice

  • Important documents to gather before leaving

  • Wellbeing guides to help you manage your mental and physical health on campus

  • Study guides and planners

  • And more!

What does this include?

Uni companion Bundle.png
Uni companion Bundle - Text.png


Making life easier for Uni Students - tips and how-to’s


  • Monthly budget calculator to manage expenses

  • Moving in and Moving out guidance

  • House-sharing tools

  • House Party planner

  • Laundry, Cleaning, Shopping & other how-to guides

  • Healthy & budget-friendly recipe books

  • Meal planning tools

  • Travel planning tools

  • Study aids

  • Health & Wellbeing tools

  • And more!

What does this include?

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