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6 Fun Alternative Ways to Revise for Exams

Updated: Jan 28

The Best Ways to Revise for Exams With Fun and Effective Revision Techniques

Are you in the midst of exam preparation, revising for A-levels or IB? If so, you might be feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of revision you have to do. You might also be bored and frustrated by the same old revision methods that don’t seem to work for you. But what if there were better ways to revise for exams? Alternative ways that were fun, engaging and effective?

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We'll Show You Some Different Ways to Revise for Exams

FromHighSchooltoUni shows you some innovative ways to revise for exams that will help you learn faster, remember more and ace your tests. Whether you’re a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, you’ll find something that suits your style and interests.

Ready to discover some new revision techniques? Let’s get started!

Conventional Revision Doesn't Suit Everyone

Exam preparation can be a difficult and emotional time for students, who may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed about revision techniques and may have been procrastinating or left their revision activities to the last minute.

Image of Tomatoes relating to the Pomodoro method of studying. Pomodoro is Tomato in Italian.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate or simply feel that you just cannot retaining the information you are studying? Watch this Youtube video on the Pomodoro method to understand the technique better.

Unlocking Your Revision Success: Targeted Solutions for Stress-Free Studying

These feelings can be made worse by the pressure to succeed and the fear of failure. It’s common to search for solutions to these problems, such as ‘how to stay motivated when revising’, ‘revision techniques for better memory retention' or 'ways to beat procrastination during exams'. Some may prefer the conventional revision techniques of using revision cards, creating a revision planner, practicing essay-writing, and starting way in advance. Others don't!

Understanding your pain points and looking for targeted solutions can help you find the right tools and strategies to make revision more manageable and less stressful.

Why Identifying The Best Ways To Revise Is Important

Fun and innovative activities make learning and revision less of a chore, and help students stay motivated and engaged.

These different ways to revise can help students develop skills beyond exam preparation, such as creativity, critical thinking and communication - all of which are important qualities for the workplace after graduation.


Incorporating different senses and ways of learning, such as visual aids or hands-on activities, can help those students who learn best through non-traditional ways.






Revision Made Easy: Learn from Alex

A while ago, FromHighSchooltoUni helped Alex, a student who was really struggling to stay motivated during exam season. Alex found themselves getting bored and disengaged while revising and was worried that they wouldn't be able to do well in their exams.

One day, Alex stumbled upon a revision method that involved turning their notes into a rap song. At first, Alex was sceptical - they had never been interested in music or rapping before. But as they began to write their lyrics and set them to a beat, using their study notes as the text, they became more engaged and enthusiastic about their learning.

Not only did Alex enjoy making the rap song, but they also found that they could remember and recall the information much better. They began to look for other fun and creative ways to revise, such as making mind maps, playing board games and even acting out as historical figures.

By making revision fun, Alex was able to reduce their stress and anxiety levels and feel more confident in their abilities. They even enjoyed learning and exploring new ways to understand the topics beyond exam preparation. When it came time for their exams, Alex felt well prepared and confident and even did better than expected.

From then on, Alex prioritised incorporating fun and creative revision methods into their studies. They realised that revision didn't have to be quite so tedious and that by making it fun, they could not only perform better in exams but also develop a love of learning that would benefit them for years to come.


6 Fun and Creative Ways to Revise For Exams

Image of 6 fun ways to revise. Text in each image reads "Simulate a TedTalk or Casting audition", "Create a rap song", "Create a Mindmap", "Create a board game", Make a Podcast or Youtube channel", and "Host a talk show"

Revision doesn’t have to be boring or stressful

Remember, the key to effective revision is to find a method that works for you, so don't be afraid to get creative and try new things! You can make it more enjoyable and effective by using some of these fun alternative ways to revise.

Whether you prefer mindmaps, games, apps, music or podcasts, there is something for everyone. Try out different methods and see what works best for you.

Remember to plan ahead, take breaks and reward yourself for your hard work. With these tips, you’ll be ready to ace your exams in no time!

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