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University Application Rejection? Tips and Strategies for a Plan B

Updated: 2 days ago

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Plan B: Didn't Get Into Your First Choice of University?

Here's How to Change Gears and Drive Down an Alternative Road!

So, the university replies have come back and the results aren't quite what you expected? Rejection stings, but don't panic! It’s not the end of the road, just a slight detour. Here's your guide to navigating your options and turning this bump in the road into Plan B - which could end up being a great opportunity for you.

Plan A didn't work out? Explore Plan B!

Life throws curveballs, and sometimes your dream university just doesn't happen. But guess what? There are tons of other amazing paths to success. Let's explore some alternatives:


Hidden Gems: Unearthing the Best University for you

You may be disappointed that you didn't get your first choice. But have you been offered a place at other universities? Don't write off these alternative choices just yet. Many universities have fantastic programmes, cutting-edge research facilities and a vibrant student life on campus.

Take some time to explore their websites, attend virtual or in-person open days and connect with current students via social media to get the inside scoop. You might just discover a hidden gem that matches your interests perfectly and offers a supportive learning environment to suit you.


Clearing Time! Your chance to get a perfect match

I'm sure you have heard of Clearingat school from your university or careers counsellors. It's a magical window in the UK (usually in July) when universities with vacancies list them on a central platform.

Research and apply for courses that match your interests - you might just get your perfect place! This can be a great way to find a course you might have overlooked or a university location that excites you. Remember, some universities may even offer scholarships or bursaries through Clearing (UK), so keep an eye out for these opportunities.

Girl sitting at desk with laptop looking at Clearing options for alternative university choices


Didn't quite get the Grades you needed?

If you didn't quite make the grades you needed, you have options.

Not quite there academically? Consider re-sitting your exams at a later date and reapplying next year. This may seem daunting, but you can use the time productively. Look for specialist tutoring services or online resources to help consolidate your understanding.

Consider joining online study groups for extra support and motivation.  And don't underestimate the value of past papers and practice tests - they will help you identify your weaknesses and hone your test-taking skills.

In the meantime, you can gain valuable work experience or volunteer - it looks great on job applications and helps you develop transferable skills!

Student with backpack considering opportunities beyond university

Beyond University: Explore the World of Opportunities

University is not for everyone. Here are some others paths to consider:

Apprenticeships: Earn While You Learn

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with formal qualifications - and you get paid! You'll gain real-world experience under the guidance of expert professionals, all while working towards a recognized qualification. This can be a fantastic option for those who are hands-on learners and want to avoid student debt. Research apprenticeship programs in fields that interest you, such as engineering, healthcare, IT, or business. Many large companies offer competitive apprenticeship programs, so do your research and don't limit your options.

Upskilling & Training: Become an Expert in your Field

Getting training or 'upskilling' if you already have a decent level of knowledge in a specific field is a great way to gain vocational courses or certifications.

You could build on your current knowledge and skillset to become a master of coding, graphic design, social media marketing, or anything else that gets you fired up! These programs are often shorter and more focused than traditional degrees, which make them a great option for those who want to specialize quickly or don't want the long-term commitment that university requires.

Check out online learning platforms, community colleges, or industry-specific training centers. There are also tons of free online courses and tutorials available – perfect for those on a budget. Try LinkedIn Learning (you'll need a LinkedIn account), Alison, or Grow with Google.

Young student with a backpack taking a gap year to explore the world

Take a Gap Year: Recharge and Discover What Motivates You

Travel, volunteer, or get a head start on your career. A gap year can be more than just a break; it can be a transformative experience. Travelling broadens your horizons and exposes you to different cultures, while volunteering allows you to give back to your community and develop valuable skills.

You could also use this time to do an internship at a company related to your interests, giving you a taste of the professional world. Remember, a gap year doesn't have to be a year-long commitment.

Even a few months off can be enough to recharge, explore your passions, and gain clarity on your future goals.

Careers Counsellor with a student discussing options for the future

Whatever path you choose, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Talk to your supporters: Your teachers, university or career counselors, or family can offer invaluable advice and support. They want to see you succeed, so don't hesitate to discuss your options. They may have insights or even connections that could be helpful in navigating your Plan B and next steps.

Research is key: Explore different options, talk to professionals in the fields you're interested in, and find out what you’re really passionate about. Don't just jump at the first opportunity that comes your way. Take your time, research different paths, and make an informed decision about your future.

Believe in yourself: You are capable of amazing things! Don't let a setback define you. Use this as an opportunity to explore new possibilities. If anything, this will help you build some resilience. This Plan B may not have been the outcome you were hoping for, but it can lead you down an even more fulfilling path than the first choice university you originally wanted.

Stay positive, and focus on your strengths. You've got this!


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