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7 Easy Steps to Move In to University

The Best Way To Organize Your Move In To University

The day you've been waiting for is finally here - move in day ! The move in to university accommodation can be an exciting but stressful experience for students - and parents! With so much to organise, it's important to have a plan, understand the procedures and what to expect to ensure a smooth move. In this blog, we outline 7 simple steps students can take to make their move in to university as stress-free as possible.

1. Arriving Early is key

2. Pack smart, not hard

3. Organise Your Belongings

4. Get to know the other residents

5. Take breaks to reload

6. Put Security First

7. Explore your new surroundings

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And don't forget to check out our other helpful blogs for more tips on surviving and thriving at university!

The Insider Tips To an Efficient Move In To University!

University student arriving on campus

1. Arriving Early is Key

Arriving early on move-in day is like a secret weapon. You'll be thankful later when you're not still standing in line, waiting to be given your badge or room key. Trust us, getting up early on move-in day is well worth the effort.

Here are the benefits of moving in early:

  1. Gives you the best choice of parking spots in the campus car park.

  2. Beat the crowds and look like a pro!

  3. Be first in line when the Administration Office opens to hand in your ID and college admission letter in exchange for your room key or badge.

  4. Grab one of the few trolleys available to load up your suitcases, bags and boxes and easily wheel them across campus to your accommodation.

  5. Once you've found your room, make sure it's clean and grab the vacuum cleaner for a spin before you unpack all your belongings and your floor is never seen again! (There should be a vacuum cleaner in every Halls - look in the hall cupboards or kitchen!)

  6. Grab first choice of cupboard in the shared kitchen (top tip: don't grab the one closest to the hob, as it's the easiest access for others to 'borrow' ingredients while cooking).

  7. Pick your shelf in the fridge/freezer (top tip: don't pick the one at eye level for the same reasons as above. Go high or low).

  8. Have a quick look around the other rooms if they're open. You won't be able to change rooms, but it's always fun to be nosy and compare! ;-)

You may, however, be given an allotted time by the university, which should be respected, as it's given for a reason. This may be to avoid peak times of chaos in the car parks, overwhelming numbers of students and family members on site or in one particular accommodation building at the same time, or the Admin Office having to deal with long queues of angry parents who want to be able to drop and go to avoid the traffic!

Remember to print and display any parking permits and note the move-in time in your calendar.

2. Pack Smart, Not Hard

The second step is to pack efficiently. Remember that less is more. You can always buy missing items after your arrival. Therefore pack only the essential items and using space-saving techniques such as rolling clothes and using vacuum-sealed bags. This will help you save time and unpack efficiently and quickly, giving you more time to explore.

Remember to pack your bedding, towels and toiletries last (on top) in your bag or suitcase, so that you can make your bed straight away and take a shower at the end of your exhausting day.

As you unpack, make a note of anything you realise you've forgotten.

3. Organise Your Belongings

When it comes to packing, it's important to be organised. At home, start by sorting your belongings into categories, such as clothes, shoes, toiletries and electronics. This will make unpacking easier on arrival, as you can tackle organizing one area at a time.

Consider ordering space-saving storage solutions such as boxes, hangers, under-bed storage, hooks and hanging shelves. You can arrange for these to arrive on campus the first few days of your arrival. Alternatively, use the shoe boxes from your Nike Air Force sneakers to make storage containers for underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc.

Link to our recommended storage products list *affiliate

Take the time to organise your items as you unpack. This will help you avoid clutter, optimize your space and make it easier to find things later.

"Unpack your stuff as soon as you move in so you can spend the rest of the time getting to know your flat mates".

4. Get To Know The Other Residents

Moving to a new place is the perfect opportunity to make new friends. Wedge your door open, knock on other people's doors or introduce yourself in the hallway.

Building a sense of community and making connections is an important part of the university experience. By taking the time to meet new people and get involved in social activities, you can create a support system and make your university experience even more enjoyable.

Try organizing a dinner all together the first night to break the ice. It's important to establish clear communication and boundaries from the outset to avoid potential conflicts later on.

Read our blog: "5 Quirky Ways to Make Friends at Uni"

5. Take Breaks To Reload

Moving house can be physically and mentally exhausting. Bring some snacks and stay hydrated to keep you energized throughout the day, ready to tackle the next task.

Don't isolate yourself while you're taking a break - even if you're nervous about meeting new people. The first day is always a bit nerve-wracking, but everyone is in the same boat and the nervous atmosphere helps people overcome their shyness. So have your snack or drink in the communal kitchen and get to know your flat mates at the same time.

"Leave your door open when you unpack so you can chat to your flatmates and get to know them."

6. Put Security First

With all the hustle and bustle, it's important to keep your belongings and important documents safe. Your desk drawer will probably have a lockable drawer, so use this as your designated place for your ID card, your laptop and any other valuables. You don't want your first day at university to be marred by the theft of something valuable.

It is a good idea to always close and lock your bedroom door, even if you are just in the kitchen preparing your evening meal, as a safety precaution.

Decide on a specific place to keep your room key or badge and stick to it so you don't waste time looking for it every day.

7. Explore Your New Surroundings

Before your parents leave - if they've been kind enough to accompany you - go and do a quick food shop to stock up on the basics you'll need over the next few days. Our shopping lists in Members Resources list the ingredients you'll need - download a copy now.

And finally, once you've settled into your new halls of residence or flat, and said goodbye to your family, grab a new friend or flat mate and go for a walk to explore your university campus. Get to know the key places such as the library, medical centre, sports facilities and your departmental buildings.

University Halls student dorm

There you have it, by following these 7 easy steps you will be ready to nail your first day at university. Be prepared for a busy and hectic environment, and once your family have said their goodbyes (don't drag it out!) and things have settled down, you may suddenly feel homesick. This is only temporary and you will quickly settle into your new routine and independence.

For more valuable tips on how to succeed at university, check out our other blogs and resources on our website - especially the ones below.

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P.S. Thank you to my extended family of students who have sent me move-in day photos and quoted their top tips.


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