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Tips on Creating the Perfect University Student Room Decor

Updated: Nov 2

Student Room Decor 101: Where to Begin

So you've landed a place in student accommodation and you're anxious to make your new digs into a cosy, welcoming space that feels like home? Here are some smart tips to set up your room decor, and a few friendly reminders about what decor is allowed and what's not in your student room.

A typical student room on campus

Know The Rules

Before you start decorating, it's important to familiarize yourself with the rules of your halls of residence, your tenancy agreement or ask your accommodation team. Knowing what's allowed can save you the heartache of buying decorations that aren't allowed.

Once you're clear on the rules, let the decorating fun begin.

Beautifully decorated bed with home decor surrounding it

What is NOT allowed in Uni Halls

Let's start with listing the items that would NOT be allowed in university residences. These include items such as space heaters, electric blankets, fairy lights, and cooking equipment including kettles, as they can cause overheating and may not comply with relevant health, safety, and fire regulations.

You will regularly see 'fairy lights' listed on student advice forums as a nice decorative item to pack. However, you may be asked to take these down in case of a fire risk if hung near flammable material such as bedding, so check first before you buy.

Check out our FAQs on our website for more information on what is and isn’t allowed as part of your student room decor.

Fairy lights hanging from ceiling

Start with a plan and a budget

Before you start shopping for furniture and room decor, make a plan for the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Take into account your personal style, your budget, and the size of your room.

Draw a rough layout of your room and decide on the placement of key items such as your bed, desk, and storage space. You can use the images on the accommodation page of your university website to give you an idea if you’re organized and planning your room before you move in to university.

Tips on Decorating Your Student Dorm

Here are some creative decor ideas to enhance your student room:

Displaying items:

University-managed accommodation may have some restrictions on wall decoration. It is a good idea to stock up on blu-tack (link to Amazon) so you don’t damage the walls and avoid using tape or glue as you may have to pay for repairs at the end of your tenancy.

Stock up on plenty of magnets or hooks and pins for your notice board or to use on the fridge door in the kitchen.

You can download our meal planner and shopping list when you sign up for Member Resources and stick them on your fridge door or cupboard to write down your shopping list as soon as you realise you have run out of an item.

Choosing your bed linen:

Under-bed storage :

Storage Boxes:

Over-Door Hanging Storage:


Displaying Your Photos

Making It Smell Nice

The Benefits of Essential Oils for Students

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Don't Clutter Your Space

It's important to keep your room organized and tidy to create a peaceful and stress-free environment. Avoid buying too many unnecessary items that can clutter your space and make it feel smaller.

Remember, your university accommodation can be a canvas for self-expression and a place where you create lasting memories. Just follow these guidelines and you'll have a comfortable, homely space to call your own.

Happy decorating!


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