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15 Practical Tips For Parents To Prepare Your Student For College

Updated: Jan 26

Practical Tips To Survive Exam Season and Prepare for College

Are you a parent anxiously awaiting the IB or A-level exam results that will determine whether your student has achieved the grades needed to get into their first-choice university. The next few weeks could be an emotional rollercoaster for both you and your child, which will need to be handled with care. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of practical tips for parents to prepare your student for college over the summer to ease the transition into campus life.

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Follow Our Practical Tips To Prepare For College Over The Summer

Tip 1: Talk about expectations and a backup plan

It is important to have an open and honest conversation with your student about their hopes and expectations, possible outcomes, and even a contingency plan in case the exam results aren’t what were expected.

By discussing these issues now, before emotions run high, you will be better prepared for any disappointments or unexpected outcomes.

Having a plan B, as one of your practical tips for you to do, will make it easier to shift gears and maintain a forward-looking approach if things don't go exactly as planned.

Tip 2: Downtime and Bounce-time!

Tip 3: Set a schedule

Tip 4: Teach them essential life skills

Tip 5: Learn how to create a budget

Tip 6: Prioritize essential spending

Tip 7: Set spending limits

Tip 8: Find out about student discounts

Tip 9: Plan for emergencies

Tip 10: Encourage wise spending habits

Tip 11: Review and adjust regularly

Tip 12: Get a summer job

Tip 13: Explore the university town

Tip 14: Connect with others in advance

Tip 15: Show your support, but not your anxiety

By following these practical tips to do over summer, you will be providing a stable foundation and essential skills, and enable your student to start this new chapter in their life with confidence.


If you haven’t already checked out our website – go check it out! You will find useful resources and FAQs to help prepare you for the big departure. And read our blogs written by past students who have captured useful tips and shared their experiences.

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