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Essential Resources for Schools to Boost Student Career Readiness

Updated: May 24

Enhancing Student Transition with Resources from High School to University

Navigating the transition from high school to university or to start their career can be daunting for students. As educators, it's our mission to equip them with the best tools and resources to ensure a smooth and informed journey. From High School to Uni offers an extensive suite of free and member-exclusive resources that schools can use effectively to support students. 

Here's how these resources can be integrated into school programs to benefit students at various stages of their educational planning.

1. Resources for Schools to use during Career Appointments

Careers appointments are pivotal in shaping students’ paths to higher education. Our website offers a range of resources, both free and for purchase, that provides essential practical guidance on preparing for university and to help students learn to live independently after leaving school and home.

2. Inclusion of Resources in the School Library

Our award-winning book "From High School to Uni" is designed to provide your students with step-by-step guidance and essential advice to transition stress-free to university. We provide tips, time-saving tools and resources to help you prepare for university.

By adding our book to your dedicated section for university preparation, schools empower students to access and use our valuable resources independently at a time that suits them. 

3. Promotion of Career Resources at School Parent Evenings

During parent evenings, schools can distribute tools like our "Guide to Preparing for University" and also introduce parents to premium resources such as detailed planning checklists and specific guides available in the Member Resources tab.

These resources help parents understand how they can assist their children in managing deadlines and preparing for university.

Snapshot of Members Resources package of checklists for students starting university
Snapshot of our Ultimate Student Bundle checklists

4. Incorporating Resources into Tutor Time at School

Tutor time can be transformed into an informative session using both the free and member-exclusive resources. For example, using the "Essay Planner" or the "Study Workspace checklist" can help students learn effective study techniques and organisational skills crucial for both high school and university success.

5. End-of-Year Gifts

Front cover of student guide From High School to Uni

For a meaningful end-of-year gift, schools might consider giving graduating Year 13 students a membership to the website or a copy of our book.

This not only offers continuous assistance as students transition to university but also serves as a practical tool they can refer to throughout their application process to start thinking about the preparation required.

Money well spent!

6. Expanding Access through Member Resources

view of all From High School to Uni resources

Schools can significantly enhance their students' transition to higher education or entering the workforce by offering them a discounted rate to subscribe to the member resources.

These resources not only grant students access to a broader array of specialized content but also equip them with advanced guides and training materials that can further enrich their learning experience and skill set. By availing themselves of these resources, students can gain valuable insights, and develop practical skills, before leaving home.

7. Special Events and Workshops

In addition, schools can book or download our Life Skills Masterclass for students  for a comprehensive and engaging learning experience on the soft and hard skills required in the next stage in their lives. This can be used with Sixth Form year groups to introduce them to the skills needed for their transition to university and beyond.

Opening slide of Life Skills for Students Masterclass webinar
Webinar coming soon!

Resources for School and Careers

By incorporating these diverse resources provided by From High School to Uni into their educational programming, schools can offer students a robust support system that addresses various aspects of university and career preparation.

Our resources for schools not only inform but also inspire students to approach their journey to higher education with confidence and detailed preparation, ensuring they are ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their careers.

Snapshot of Pre-Uni bundle of checklists and resources for students starting university



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