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Top 5 Tips to get the most out of a University Open Day - 2024

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University Open Day Tips: How to Get the Most out of your Visit

Transport options for a university open day tour

Attending a university open day is an important step in choosing the right institution for your higher education. It gives you the opportunity to explore the campus, meet current students and staff, and find out more about the courses and facilities. However, it can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect or how to prepare.

To make the most of your university open day, it is important to plan ahead. Research the universities you are interested in and check their websites for details about the open day, such as the schedule of events and how to register. You may also have the option of a virtual open day, which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Preparing for your university open day tour

In addition to our tips below, we have prepared a list of the questions you should ask during your tour in order to help you make the right choice. Contact us for your personal copy. The questions you ask and the areas you want to explore, such as the library, sports facilities, or accommodation, will help you stay focused and make the most of your time on campus. 

By following these tips, you can get the most out of your university open day and make an informed decision about your higher education.

university students on a campus open day tour

Tips on Planning Your University Open Day Visit

Attending a university open day is an excellent way of getting a feel for a university and deciding whether it is the right place for you. However, it is important to plan your visit carefully to make the most of your time on campus.


Here are some tips to help you plan your visit:


Tips to Consider Before the University Open Day

  • Book your place early: Open days and virtual events can take place very early in the academic year, so book your place as soon as possible. You may have time to visit a wide range of universities before you make your UCAS choices. Use this time to visit as many universities as possible. Check out the Complete University Guide for more tips on how to plan for a university open day.

  • Mark the dates in your calendar: Once you have booked your place, make sure you mark the dates and times in your calendar. This will help you plan your travel and accommodation accordingly. You may also need to book your place in specific information sessions, so read the open day schedule carefully.

  • Plan your travel: Planning your travel is essential to ensure you arrive on time for the open day. Consider all your transport options, including public transport or driving. If you are driving, make sure you research parking options beforehand. You don't want to panic trying to find a parking space at the last minute when your university tour is about to start!

  • Make a mental note during the day of how easy or difficult transport was to get to and from the university. This could be a deciding factor for your final choice.

Tour of the campus library during a university open day

On the University Tour Open Day

  • Get a map of the campus: Getting a feel for the layout of the campus is crucial to making the most of your visit. Bookmark, download, save offline or print out a map to help you navigate the campus.

  • Bring a backpack: You may not have access during the day to online food or beverage places, so bring a bag with essentials such as a notepad, pen, water bottle, and snacks. This will help you stay organised and hydrated throughout the day.

  • Prepare questions to ask: Prepare a list of questions to ask university staff and students. This will help you gain a better understanding of the university's culture, courses, and facilities.

  • Dress comfortably: On the day of the open day, make sure you arrive early and dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes as you may need to walk around the campus.

  • Participate: Attend as many talks and tours as possible to get a feel for the atmosphere and culture of the university.

We have a prepared list of questions to ask during your tour. Contact us for your personal copy.

Essential University Tour Trip questions to ask - a downloadable resource from From High School to Uni
Contact us for your guide

After the Event

  • Take notes: After the open day, take some time to reflect on your experience. Write down your thoughts and impressions of the university to help you make an informed decision. If you have requested our Uni Tour Guide, you will be able to keep your notes for future reference.

  • Follow up: If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact the university’s admissions team. They will be happy to help you with any queries you may have.



5 Tips on How to Maximize the Experience of your University Open Day

Attending a university open day is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the university, its courses, facilities, and campus life.

Here are some tips to maximize your experience:

1. Academic Insights

Attending subject talks, sample lectures, and taster sessions can provide you with an insight into the academic side of university life.

These talks are often delivered by experienced lecturers who can provide you with valuable information about the course content, teaching style, and assessment methods.

Take notes during these talks to help you remember the key points.

2. Discover Campus Life

Campus tours are an excellent way to explore the university and its facilities. You can get a feel for the campus, look around the student accommodation if you can to check out the different options, and explore the student union venues, library, study spaces and sports facilities.

Use this face-to-face opportunity to speak to staff and current students to get a better understanding of university life. Do the students look happy in general? Are the staff friendly and approachable? These things may influence your decision.

Apartment building in a UK city

3. Visit the local area

I would also recommend a tour of the city itself to get a feel for the area. One of the students I have guided went to one university in the south of England with his parents on a university tour. While the parents loved the architecture, atmosphere and stunning views, the student was not impressed or even liked the city and consequently dropped it from his top 5 list.

What may appeal to one person can evoke very different feelings in another. Hence the importance of visiting the local area during a university open day tour.

4. Support and Facilities

During the open day, make sure to explore the support and facilities available to students. Ask about the student support services, mental health support, careers advisory services, etc.

Take note of any special requirements or disabilities you may have and ask about the support available to you.

It's essential to ensure that the university can meet YOUR needs.

Don't be afraid to ask current students and staff to get a better understanding of what it's like to study at the university and get a feeling for the environment and the general vibe.

You may also like to subscribe to UniBuddy - a peer-to-peer platform that allows prospective students to connect to current students for guidance.

university building

Personal Insight

When my daughter was applying to universities, on paper, one campus had appealed to her in terms of course choice, and she visited the university thinking it would be her first choice. She quickly dropped it from her top 5 list when she was confronted with an austere set of buildings, a vast campus that seemed to lack atmosphere, and the fact that she had to take a train and two buses to get to the campus.

So it is important to visit what may seem like your ideal choice. In reality, the logistics of transport, atmosphere and facilities play a major role in your decision.



Frequently Asked Questions - University Open Day

How do I prepare for a university open day?

Preparing for a university open day is crucial to maximise the value of your visit. Start by researching the university and the course(s) you are interested in. This will help you to formulate relevant questions to ask during the open day.

Second, plan your visit in advance and make sure you know the schedule to plan your day accordingly if you are aiming to visit several universities in the area.

Finally, dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather, take an umbrella for UK university tours (!), and make sure you have comfortable shoes for walking around the campus

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What are the most important questions to ask during an open day?

How can you get the most out of a university open day visit?

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